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Leasing - Operations

Operational safety and reliability is paramount to GEM and is assured through our rigorous policies and procedures.

We handle all aspects of the leasing cycle and ensure the process is efficient with professional, clear and concise procedures and documentation compliant with industry standards and regulations. Our fleet management efforts are focused on responsible supply and operation of our tank containers from design and production through the entire lease cycle.

Guideline for safe operations:
  • GEM, in consultation with the lessee, ensures that the tank container specification is suitable for the product/s to be carried (in accordance with MSDS's provided)
  • At delivery GEM ensures that the interior & exterior is properly cleaned. It is the lessee's responsibility to maintain cleaning standards during the lease.
  • GEM ensures that the frame, vessel and fittings are maintained to ITCO standard and meet all regulations at delivery. The lessee is required to maintain ITCO, CSC and all other regulations during the lease.
  • At release GEM ensures that the tank container has the correct and current markings. The lessee is responsible for keeping markings accurate, clearly visible and in good condition throughout the term of the lease.
  • During operation, the lessee must ensure that the maximum gross weight (MGW) remains within applicable regulations at all times.
  • During operation, the lessee must ensure that the ullage ratio complies with international regulations and specific product recommendations for each load.
  • The lessee must ensure that the product is clearly and correctly identified to meet safety requirements (hazard warnings, safety standards and procedures must be provided).
  • Product load and discharge must be carried out by trained and competent personnel with clear instructions and suitable handling equipment in good working order (safety requirements and emergency procedures).
  • Safe handling standards must be observed for all lifting, transportation and storage during the lease.
  • The lessee should contact GEM for advice or guidance on technical or operational matters. We are here to help.
  • GEM Periodic Inspection Procedure
GEM complies with ITCO's Acceptable Container Condition (ITCO ACC) guidelines.