Why Gem


Gem has knowledge and expertise across a range of equipment types and experience in diverse industries and geographies.


We are used to navigating the complexities of sourcing, procuring and delivering equipment in an international environment. Our lease process is designed with the customer in mind. We focus on providing a quick response at every step and keep our customers informed at all times.


We are committed to serving our customers. We engage with our customers at an early stage and support them throughout the term of the lease. We take pride in the integrity with which we manage our customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Gem and the environment

Going Green

Climate change together with rising energy prices have created a need for sourcing reduced carbon energy. These factors are driving the change towards an energy efficient society and Gem, alongside the international chemical industry, have an important role to play in enabling this shift. At Gem we focus on delivering a bulk liquid transport solution that drives down both the cost and the environmental impact of transportation, while maintaining high quality and safety standards.

The Team

Heidi Sommerville

Founded Gem in 2012
25+ years in tank container leasing
Previous positions: Multistar Tank Leasing, M&S Logistics, Marbaral Investments and Axis Intermodal

Patrick Rocholl

With Gem since 2016
30+ years in oil, gas and shipping
Previous positions: Schlumberger, Calash, Chariot Oil & Gas, Nordic Energy, Haliburton / KBR and Amec

Giles White

With Gem since 2016.
Qualified barrister, 20+ years’ experience in finance including positions with Barclays, UBS, Credit Suisse and Rampart Capital

James Fiske

With Gem since 2014
15+ years in Sales & Commercial in Leasing, and on-line Platform products
Previous positions: Thomson Reuters and Virgin Money

Beverley Mason

With Gem since 2014
20+ years in Operations, CRM and Project Management in Leasing, Property and Finance Sectors
Previous positions: Everett Macleod, Burger Sotheby’s, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs

Philippe Hoehlinger

With Gem since 2012
20+ years in Risk management in Shipping, Leasing and Commodity Trading
Previous positions: Euler Hermes, AON, Danske Commodities, Global-Risk Management, Axis Intermodal, General Electric

Mission and Goals


Gem's mission is to support the environmentally friendly transition from drums and other means of transportation to safer and more efficient tank containers, growing our leasing and asset management business by: Expanding the fleet in an assured, low risk manner; Operating a diverse equipment portfolio of the highest international standards; Focusing on safety and environmental responsibility; Ensuring accurate operating systems to support our customers; Providing a transparent and professional service based on integrity; We conduct our business with a personal approach and in accordance with our core values of honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide customers with the equipment they require, where and when they need it.  We support them with the services they need to achieve their project goals at a competitive price and in a responsible and sustainable way. Gem provide innovative and flexible lease solutions that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our customers return time and again to renew, replace or add tank container equipment through our leasing programme. Our expertise and flexibility mean that we can be responsive to meet our customers' requirements and demands.

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